Motivation is a complex and diverse topic, which means different things to different people. Walter Laserer illustrates this topic with 2 examples: first he talks about a life-changing experience on the highest mountain of North America, the Mt. McKinely (6.167m) that he and 2 friends summited during winter time and which is located on the polar circle. Curiosity - how does my body react in minus 60 degrees C - and the, at the time, strong will to be amongst the most extreme mountaineers are the foundation for the motivation to this adventure. The result of this "experiment on oneself" though was quite surprising. Walter Laserer tells the audience in captivating fashion about his experience in over 6.000m altitude on the wintery polar circle and about the consequences of this adventure, which went on to impact his whole life.

During the 2nd part of the lecture, Walter Laserer talks about his situation and the situation of his team after a nearly deadly accident in the Khumbu Ice Fall on Everest. How do you motivate yourself and your team to keep going so shortly after an almost-fatality? How do you not only motivate them to keep going but to also give their best physical and mental performance to reach the highest point on earth?


> Basic concepts of motivation
> Motivation of oneself
> Motivation of a team
> Dealing with risk
> Lessons Learned after an extraordinary experience


> Overview and detailed discussion about the basic concepts of motivation
> How to motivate oneself with comprehensive and hands-on examples
> How to motivate a team to come out with their best performance


DURATION: approx. 60 minutes