Outdoor Salzkammergut

In every company it happens quite often that important decisions take longer because employees only consider their immediate work environment during their decision making process. To be able to reach a level of good and efficient teamwork, employees mustn’t be restricted in their thinking within their competent boundaries but must be able to put themselves into the shoes of their peers.

The module „Outdoor Salzkammergut“ consists of many different outdoor activities and requires versatility and judgement from the participants. The module can be carried out in sommer and in winter.

Example in the sommer:
There are 4 different stages to go through – kayak, mountain bike, Via Ferrata, cave. Each team has to go through all 4 stages and there are various ways to go through them. For each stage a new team leader is elected and together as a team a decision is taken as to how the stage will be tackled by the whole team. Each decision must be supported by the entire team because only then success is given.


> Judgement of the overall team performance (strengths vs. weaknesses)
> Versatility: empathy for others
> Communication and decision making as a team
> Gain trust in each other
> Establish a real team spirit

DURATION: 1 – 2 days


LOCATION: anywhere