Entscheiden & Kommunizieren

Decision making & communication are 2 very important factors on the mountain and in the economy. Walter Laserer impressively illustrates extraordinary situations on Mt. Everest and in Antarctica where efficient decision making & efficient communication can make the difference between life and death. There are many paralleles between leadership in stressful situation on the mountain and in business, where the environment can be sometimes as equally as tough. In this lecture Walter Laserer illustrates exactly these parallels in a comprehensive and sustainable way for the whole audience.

> Basic concepts of decision making
> Communication models in stressful situations
> Team building and values within a team
> Successful thinking and acting
> Endurance and persistence

> Sustainable illustration of the topic through hands-on real-life experiences
> Discussion of different ways to solve a problem within stressful team dynamics
> Motivation of the audience to use the concepts of this lecture in their own lives

DURATION: approx. 60 minutes