Everest-Expedition Simulation

Many employees and managers are confronted with unforseeable problems in their companies on a day to day basis. It is important to solve these problems as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Very often this requires quick thinking, creativity and team spirit in order to find the optimal solution.

With this module we simulate an expedition to Mt. Everest. The participants play the role of mountaineers whose aim it is to climb the highest mountain on earth. During the "climb" we simulate expedition scenarios as they can happen on a real Everest expedition. The goal is to summit as a team and to return safely down to the starting point.

This module is guided and supervised by professional mountain guides with international certification.

> Overcoming of elementary problems as a team
> Flexibility and improvisation in unforeseen situations
> Improvement of the ability to communicate within the team
> Decision-making under pressure

DURATION: 2 – 5 days (depending on timescales)

PREREQUISITES: no alpine abilities or knowledge needed, everyone can take part

LOCATION: can be carried out everywhere (even on the flat)