Stand on top of Africa’s highest mountain together as a team: an experience that sustainably unites the whole group. Mt. Kilimanjaro is situated about 340 km south of the equator on the border between Kenya and Tansania. We climb the „Marangu“ normal route with a previous acclimatisation climb of Mt. Meru. In technical terms Mt. Kilimanjaro is not difficult, the route is a simple trek – although on almost 6.000 metres!

> Success together as a team
> Achievement of common goal
> Sustainability through intense experience

DURATION: approx. 2 weeks (depending on route)

PREREQUISITES: technically easy trek on approx. 6.000 m, fitness for daily trekking of 5–7 hours (summit push to Mt. Kilimanjaro approx. 10 hours).

LOCATION: East Africa