Last degree - South Pole


Shackleton, Scott and Amundsen used to be fierce competitors about who would be the first person to reach the South Pole. To walk laboriously over the high plateau of Antarctica, to defy the winds and the weather in the endless white and despite that never lose the aim, this was only possible in a team that plays well together. You team faces the same challenges as the pioneers.

Whilst Scott and Amundsen’s journey went over thousands of kilometres, the module „Last Degree Souh Pole“ only covers the last 111km of their journey. 

> Team building and goal-oriented motivation in extreme situationens
> Sustained and intense improvement of team communication
> Getting to know and carrying out of the  Shackleton principles of leadership
> Once-in-a-lifetime experience

DURATION: approx. 2- 3 weeks

PREREQUISITS: Basic knowledge of skiing, excellent physical condition for 8 – 10 hours daily pulling a heavy pulk at up to -40 degrees celsius. Preparation camp in the Alps.

LOCATION: Antarctica