Shackleton Glacier Camp

The Irish polar explorer and expedition leader Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton is widely known as a great leader who was to motivate his men to fulfill extraordinary tasks in extreme situations. He led countless polar expeditions and contrary to many other polar explorers none of his men ever died during an expedition. His most famous voyage was the  Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition, an attempt to cross Antarctica. After his ship Endurance was crushed in the pack ice, Shackleton was able to save his entire team without the loss of life. Thanks to Shackleton’s crisis management and leadership skills all 27 expedition team members could return home physically and mentally fit after their 2-year fight for survival under extreme conditions. Despite not being able to reach his original goal, Shackleton turned a catastrophy into a triumph.

The leadership principles of Ernest Shackleton are an important reference point for many leaders and managers today as they have since proven themselves through his failed project and in crisis situations over and over again. Many managers use Shackleton’s method with success in their own work environments.

With our „Shackleton Glacier Camp“ we create and simulate single sequences out of Shackleton’s expeditions to make leadership in „difficult situations“ tangible and thus create a real-life experience.  

> Learn leadership skills in (most) difficult situations
> Motivation of a team in (most) difficult situations
> Never lose sight of the overall goal
> Understand each team member’s skills and develop them in the best possible way in the     
   best possible position

DURATION: 2 days

PREREQUISITS: none, everybody can take part

LOCATION: possible on every glacier