Skiing and snowshoeing in Norway

With its snow covered summits that are mirrored in the dark blue fjords, Norway is a special incentive for employees and/or clients. In addition we go on wonderful ski and snowshoe hikes, the Northern Lights, the „exotic“ and luxurious accommodation on the boat – a unique experience. During a trip to a dogsled farm, you can try dogsledding, which is also part of the programme.

Employees and clients get to know each other better, learn to communicate better with each other, they get to know the requirements of the other team players and they share a unique experience, which strenghtens the business relationship.

> Group dynamics in a unique environment
> Improvement of team communication
> Success as a team
> Sustainability through an intense experience

DURATION: approx. 1 week (depending on client requirements)


For snowshoeing: fitness for approx. 3 hours of slow hiking per day
For skiing: parallel turn on the piste, fitness for approx. 3 hours of skiing daily

LOCATION: Fjords in North Norway