Competence and experience - The Peak e motion Team

Walter Laserer: Walter is the first Austrian who successfully topped out on all of the Seven Summits. He is the founder of the renowned mountaineering business Laserer Alpin, author and motivational speaker. He is also one of the most well-known mountain guides on an international level. He has successfully managed to convert his vast experience in leading teams on a mountain to leading teams in business.

Herbert Laserer: Herbert works at Peak e motion and at his mountaineering business Laserer Alpin. He is an international mountain guide, studied mechanical engineering and is an officer in the Austrian army. Herbert has more than 30 years experience in organising and palnning trips and events all around the world.

Lisa-Maria Laserer: Together with Walter and Herbert, Lisa is the founder of Peak e motion and her main focus is on sales and marketing. Lisa holds a masters degree in communication science, history and Italian and lived and worked 10 years abroad in international companies located in Milan, London and Zurich before returning to Austria to found Peak e motion.