The Dynamic Y

Teamwork, to delegate, to have success as a team – all these elements have one thing in common: trust. The ability to trust 100% in one’s co-workers and colleagues. The unique method called Dynamic Y was developed by us to specifically build on the principle of trust.

The team members must cross a thin steel rope that looks like a „y“ in pairs. The rope is about 2 metres (height is flexible though) above the ground. Another rope that is above them helps with the balance and each team member must hold on to one end of the rope. Coordination and reliability is key: only if both pull in the same manner, they can cross the rope. If one person pulls harder or less than the other, both fall off the rope (each person is additionally belayed for extra security).

Will power, coordination, skilfulness but above all teamwork and trust make the Dynamic Y a unique exercise, which can take place as stand-alone or in combination with other products.

The height and length of the steel rope can vary depending on the client’s requirements. All people are belayed for extra security.


> Will power
> Coordination
> Skillfulness
> Teamwork
> Trust in other people

DURATION: half a day (depending on group seize)


LOCATION:  can be carried out anywhere