The Seven Summits

The Seven Summits - First Austrian and worldwide first mountain guide to reach the highest peaks of the continents. Walter Laserer has successfully guided at least for expeditions to all of the Seven Summits. As mountain guide responsible for his clients he gained an incredible amount of knowledge and experiences in very different situations, because the Seven Summits are seven different peaks that require very different skills in very different environments. Questions such as motivation during long expeditions, resonsible dealing with risk and quick and efficient improvising to reach a goal are topics of this lecture, illustrated with impressive photographic and video material.

> Illustration of seven principles through seven different experiences in the mountains:
   * Learning on Aconcagua
   * Energy on Kilimanjaro
   * Empathy on Mt. Vinson
   * Decision making on Mt. Elbrus
   * Assertiveness on Mt. McKinley
   * Independence on Mt. Everest
   * Entrepreneurial spirito on the Carstensz Pyramid
> Discussion of parallels in styles of leadership in the mountains and in business
> Thinking and acting successfully as a team
> Risk management
> Endurance and persistence


> Illustration of different styles of leadership in different situation with hands-on exercises
> Get people to think „outside-of-the-box“ in different and difficult situationens
> Illustration of successful thinking and acting as a team with practical examples

DURATION: approx. 90 minutes